Affiliated Marketing – Six Requirements For Success


In the world of affiliated marketing, to there are not bosses, not clock to punch, very small input costs and not limit on the income or size the business can become. If you are interested in becoming an affiliated marketer, your approach must be that you are the captain of your ship, guiding it along to the next port you have chosen. You cannot be just to passenger on someone else’s ship for the great success that is possible. There are of course supplies to be loaded from others, but only at your command. Where your ship goes and how fast and at what installments of pay is up to you.

What is required to run your ship efficiently and gainfully? What personal tools must be available? What steps must you take to realize your dreams? We interviewed affiliated loads of the most successful marketers, and several common traits emerged.

1. Competitive spirit.
All affiliated marketers competes with others, and the competition is stiff. How well you competes will determine your income level. Go for the gold, and never give up. Adjust as necessary, but never give up. You must push yourself and stand out from the crowd. Accepting average is to recipe to fail in affiliated marketing.

2. To strong work ethic and patience.
Success is not luck. It is putting in sustained effort over to period of Time. But the Time and effort will garner huge rewards in income and lifestyle. If immediate results are meager, keep working and give it Time. The rewards of money and free Time are ahead of you; journey on to reach them.

3. Knowledge.
Know your subject and keep learning about it. The chosen niche the successful marketer develops should be to subject they know well, and they are willing to share that knowledge with others, namely the website visitor. The reason traffic comes to the website is to gain knowledge of loads kind, and you must deliver or they will not return. While And they visit, you can offer them the opportunity to buy something they want and need, and you make to profit.

4. Innovation.
The highly successful set to course to follow, and make every effort to continuous on that course. But when circumstances dictate, they alter course. When they find after Time and effort that to particular strategy was not working, they fiddle and tweak to find what will work for them. But they never alter the final goal they set in the beginning. Only the map to get to there has changed.

5. Determination and self disciplines.
The successful affiliated marketer will set goals and set aside Time to assess their current position and I give what is necessary to attract more traffic and make more sales. You may own to gold mines, but if you are not digging, it makes not difference. Determination and self disciplines combined with Time and optimism will produces the gold from the ground.

6. Attitude.
You must approach affiliated marketing with to will to succeed and optimism. Keep that shining vision of success as to shimmering goal ahead of you. I give not look into the abyss below. There can be not place for negative thoughts, they just leave an empty space ready to be filled by failure. Associated with successful people and websites. Negativity is to communicable disease: stay as to make from it as possible.

The above are all qualities you can determine for yourself. Always set goals and work towards them, and if you are coming close to those goals, more set and higher goals. Ambition and the will to succeed will carry you to the heights of material and personal success. Affiliated marketing is the vehicle that can take you to there.

Vestas and Vertic Triumph at Internationalist Awards

New York, NY (PRWEB) April 05, 2012

Vestas and Vertic are today celebrating a Gold Internationalist Award for Innovation in Media for the global campaign ‘Energy Transparency’, Award entries were judged for breakthrough communications thinking, tactical elements for solving marketing problems through a digital strategy, demonstrating sustained cross-cultural understanding of marketing issues, providing solutions worthy of world class standards and end results. The Internationalist has become a trusted source for international best practices in advertising and marketing, and is dedicated to the business needs and challenges of international marketing professionals as they participate in multinational branding and campaign building. Other brands awarded alongside Vestas included Coca Cola, Dell, Canon, HP, Samsung, Wyeth, Mastercard and Oracle.

Commenting on the award, Morten Albaek, Global SVP for MarCom & Customer Insight in Vestas, said, “In 2011 we saw a significant switch in our strategy as we created a dialogue with corporations to highlight that we see them as a vital part of the solution –not the problem – to help change the energy mix of the world towards more renewable energy. The significance of this approach necessitated an agency that could understand and align with our strategy, and that would successfully execute against the ambitious target of reaching these corporations. Vertic’s innovative approach of using Linkedin resonated as part of our approach and we are delighted that this campaign has been recognized by such a prestigious group as the Internationalist.”

Preceding the “Energy Transparency” campaign, Vestas had developed two unique studies, commissioned with Bloomberg and TNS Gallup, on brands’ energy consumption and consumers’ preferences for brands with a green profile. Findings had confirmed consumers’ willingness to pay more for products produced with renewables. Thus Vestas chose to approach these corporations with the relevant business case and value proposition in relation to an increased investment in wind energy.

It was a one of a kind approach driven by an innovative and never seen before Linkedin campaign. The campaign utilized banners that were created with personalized messaging, targeting over 600 top executives and more than 419,000 employees in 50 of the world’s most recognized global brands. Upon clicking the user was directed to a unique interactive campaign platform that dynamically incorporated users’ information from Linkedin to create a truly personalized interactive experience with customized content. The platform introduced a number of engaging and informative interactive tools that provided the user with an understanding of their company and other leading brands utilization of renewable energy.

The site makes use of responsive design to ensure compatibility and usability on desktop, tablet and mobile devices, whilst collating studies’ data from one data source.

In addition, the campaign also included customized covers, letters, and inserts in Bloomberg Businessweek directed at the +600 top executives at global brands and key opinion leaders, inviting them to directly invest in wind energy and enjoy the financial and brand-building efforts this would enable.

Sebastian Jespersen, CEO of Vertic, added, “It is wonderful for Vestas and Vertic to win this award. Vestas’ recognized from the beginning that dialogue with C-level executives from Fortune 1000 companies required a personalized message and value proposition. We developed a platform that would be able to dynamically customize the communication and thus increase conversion rates of the executives’ response. The KPIs reached were testimony to the ambition of the larger target at hand: bringing a message to corporations of a market ready to support renewable energy, powered by Wind, powered by Vestas.”

About Vestas A/S:

Vestas is the world’s leading supplier of modern wind energy solutions. Every day, we continue our inexhaustible dedication and passion towards the advancement and development of wind technology around the globe. Currently, Vestas has installed more than 46,000 turbines in 69 countries, and employs more than 20,000 people around the world.

For information regarding “Energy Transparency”, Vestas or their related technologies, please contact Morten Kamp in Vestas Wind Systems A/S at mokjo(at)vestas(dot)com.

Please visit

About Vertic:

Vertic is a global independent digital ad agency. Our award-winning solutions are based on our ability to blend the core competencies of strategy, story-telling, creativity, interaction-design, and in-depth understanding of content creation, in the pursuit of tangible business results.

Vertic’s mission is to help industry leaders apply interactive solutions to build their brands and create great customer experiences across the entire digital channel.

Founded in 2002, Vertic is represented in Copenhagen, New York and Singapore. Our passion is creating 360 multi-channel solutions that generate demand for our client’s brand.

Please visit

World Lighting Fixtures Market to Reach US$118 Billion by 2015, According to a New Report by Global Industry Analysts, Inc.

San Jose, California (Vocus) September 28, 2010

Lighting fixtures market witnessed exuberant growth during late 1990s to the year 2007, owing to the constant developments in the commercial, residential, public, and industrial lighting segments. Growth in the market has also been driven by increasing demand from major end-use sectors, including industrial and construction. The market for lighting fixtures, however, witnessed a slowdown from 2008 onwards owing to the global economic recession and the slump in construction industry. The market is forecast to recover and gain momentum, starting from 2011. Despite lackluster construction activity, the construction industry is expected to remain the core source for lighting fixtures.

Though industrialized countries such as Europe and the US continues to be major lighting fixtures markets, emerging economies in Eastern Europe and Asia are considered as substantial growth markets by lighting fixture manufacturers. Asia-Pacific is forecast to grow at a CAGR of more than 6.0% during the analysis period. The rapidly growing non-residential construction work in China, Russia, and India is likely to create a considerably huge market for lighting fixtures. In the United States, demand is expected to pick up with improvement in motor vehicle production, residential construction, and transportation infrastructure.

Non-portable fixtures constitute the largest market for lighting fixtures, accounting for a major share of the market, as stated by a new market research report on Lighting Fixtures. Though demand for non-portable lighting fixtures as a percentage of total lighting fixtures is expected to decline, the segment is expected to maintain its dominance in the future. Non-portable fixtures such as vehicular lighting fixtures and industrial fittings are expected to register increased demand. Meanwhile, fluorescent and other non-incandescent portable fixtures, such as those using Light Emitting Diodes (LED) light sources, are also expected to witness increased gains over the long-term. Based on frequent usage, lamp ballasts and other components are expected to exhibit rapid growth in the industrial and commercial retrofit lighting. In addition, there is a continuing trend towards Solid-State Lighting (SSL) technology, owing to its advanced and energy saving attributes that would further fuel growth in the global market for lighting fixtures.

Key players profiled in the report include Acuity Brands Lighting Inc., Advanced Lighting Technologies, Inc., Catalina Lighting Inc., Cooper Crouse-Hinds Inc., Cooper Lighting, GE Lighting Systems Inc., Grote Industries, Inc., Hubbell Lighting Inc., Juno Lighting Group, Koito Manufacturing Company Ltd., Lightolier, Panasonic Electric Works Co. Ltd., Morlite Systems Inc., OSRAM GmbH, Philips Lighting B.V., Professional Luminaires North America, Ruud Lighting Inc., SIMKAR Corp., Taschibra Brasil, Thomas Lighting Residential, Toshiba Lighting & Technology Corp., Visteon Corp., Zumtobel AG Group, among others.

The report titled “Lighting Fixtures: A Global Strategic Business Report” announced by Global Industry Analysts Inc., provides a comprehensive review of the Lighting Fixtures market, current market trends, growth drivers, new product introductions, recent industry activity, and focus on major and niche global as well as regional market participants. The study analyzes market data and analytics in terms of value sales for global as well as regional markets, including the US, Canada, Japan, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Latin America and Rest of World. Key product segments analyzed include Portable lighting fixtures, Non-Portable lighting fixtures, and Parts & Accessories.

For more details about this comprehensive market research report, please visit –

About Global Industry Analysts, Inc.
Global Industry Analysts, Inc., (GIA) is a reputed publisher of off-the-shelf market research. Founded in 1987, the company is globally recognized as one of the world’s largest market research publishers. The company employs over 800 people worldwide and publishes more than 1200 full-scale research reports each year. Additionally, the company also offers thousands of smaller research products including company reports, market trend reports, and industry reports encompassing all major industries worldwide.

Global Industry Analysts, Inc.
Telephone 408-528-9966
Fax 408-528-9977
Email press(at)StrategyR(dot)com
Web Site


Social Media: An Important Tool in Network Marketing

Social Media and Network Marketing

Social Marketing is defined as method of driving traffic (potential clients or customers) through the use of networks or outlets. Social Media is an important tool that can help generate web visitors and eventually convert these visitors into customers and long-term revenue.

Network marketing, sometimes referred to as MLM, is a method of marketing that utilizes independent associates or representatives in order to reach potential clients or customers. MLM marketing can be done through offline or online means. Most independent marketing associates or representatives choose to build their business through offline means. This form of contact usually entails contacting their friends, family or other acquaintances by reaching out to them with a personal conversation or telephone call. The online pathway of MLM marketing is often ignored by most marketers. It’s important to note that utilizing Social Medium and marketing through online means can be a very profitable venture for marketers.

Consisting of using Social Media networks to convert web visitors into clients or customers, Social Media can be a driving force in maintaining or providing interest. For MLM marketers, the key goal is to branch out. MLM marketing is based on helping and meeting other individuals, which is closely aligned to the goals of many of the major social networks. A marketer that can utilize social networks to further grow their business can reap serious profits. A successful Social Networking marketing plan is crucial for long-term development of any MLM marketing business.

Social marketing techniques have become increasingly important in businesses today. Social Media has become a new frontier that is being utilized to create and maintain interests in products and services. Big name companies and businesses are already following the trend by joining many of the major social networks. MLM marketers need to jump into the Social Network fray. Rather than utilizing only offline means, marketers should also consider online marketing techniques.

The biggest problem of Social Networks for network marketers is management. There are a variety of Social Media networks, each with their own flavor and audience markets. It sometimes become difficult to focus on each social networking account. This can be solved by using tools that can help network marketers manage a variety of accounts. Social Media has become an important platform to meet other individuals that share the same interests. Individuals who are currently ignoring social networking will eventually venture onto a social network in the future. It is emphasized and strongly encouraged that all network marketers create a Social Media marketing plan now, rather than later.

Many of the products and services that are offered for network marketing are from brand name companies. Utilizing Social Media is a great way to spread a business, as well as find new recruits, it’s also a useful tool that can greatly expand any network marketer’s business growth. MLM is based on the idea of expanding your network of representatives. Being able to connect with and grow relationships with individuals and creating interest in your business are two of the most important benefits of utilizing Social Networks.

MLM marketing was created by reputable companies looking to market their product and services through friends and families. Likewise, social networks exist to connect friends and families. A network marketer can be very successful in combining these two fields. Current network marketers use social networks to spread interest regarding their products and services, as well as to find newer recruits. In the end, Social Media can only play a beneficial role in expanding an independent business.


MLM Marketing is for people who enjoy helping other people. The MLM industry is a great field for individuals who are willing to get the education they need to start their own business and who want to assist other people in the furtherance of their business. The ability to branch out to other individuals, as well as the ability to create interest for a product or service is an invaluable tool for network marketers. Regardless of the difficulties in maintaining a Social Media marketing plan, there are a significant amount of benefits for any aspiring network marketer. Network marketers who utilize Social Media for their independent business will have a great return on their investment of both time and energy.

BAD BOY Sponsors DeMarco Murray

San Diego, California (PRWEB) March 22, 2012

BAD BOY Brands Intl Inc, a leading action sports and mixed martial arts lifestyle brand, announced today the multi-year sponsorship of Dallas Cowboys Rookie running back sensation DeMarco Murray.

High Resolution photography is available here.

Murray is a longtime fan and practitioner of mixed martial arts (MMA). “Like many professional athletes, I realized that MMA training is the best way to stay in shape during the NFL off-season” said Murray. “I’ve always been a fan of MMA and respected the world-class athletes associated with the sport. I began training MMA a few years ago, and quickly realized the increases in my strength, quickness, and agility.”

“We are extremely honored to have DeMarco as a member of the BAD BOY team” commented Robin Offner, CEO of BAD BOY. “DeMarco had previously trained with BAD BOY athlete and UFC star Demian Maia. We were made aware that DeMarco is a fan of BAD BOY and uses our products when he trains MMA. It seemed only natural to make him an official part of our team of world class athletes.”

DeMarco Murray rose to prominence as a Freshman All-American running back for the Oklahoma Sooners. He holds University of Oklahoma career records for All-Time Leader in Points Scored (390), All-Time Leader in Touchdowns (65), and All-Time Leader in All Purpose Yards (6,718). In his rookie season in the NFL he broke the Dallas Cowboys franchise record for Single Game Rushing Yards (253) and was nominated as Offensive Rookie of the Year. Murray is represented by The Legacy Agency in NYC for Marketing and off the field endeavors.

“I’m very excited to be a part of the BAD BOY team” said Murray. “I’m been a fan of MMA since the early days of the sport, and the BAD BOY brand and those iconic eyes have been there since the beginning. In just a short amount of time with BAD BOY, I’ve already been able to train and learn from MMA stars such as Demian Maia and Chris Weidman. It’s really a dream come true.”

About BAD BOY:
BAD BOY is a pioneer in the alternative sports apparel industry. Founded in 1982 in San Diego, CA, BAD BOY quickly built a name for itself by sponsoring athletes and events in surf, skateboarding, and motocross. By the early 90′s, BAD BOY had expanded into the sport of martial arts via sponsorship of world champion Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt Rickson Gracie, MMA champions such as Vitor Belfort and Frank Shamrock, and many others. BAD BOY continues its tradition of supporting leading action and combat sport athletes around the world. Today, BAD BOY distributes innovative, premium products on 6 different continents. BAD BOY’s decades of experience creating authentic, competition-quality gear has made BAD BOY the best technical brand on the market. For more information on BAD BOY, visit

KidzArt Offers Special Franchise Opportunity for Veterans and Teachers

Jackson, MI (PRWEB) February 16, 2012

Finding quality employment for our nation’s veterans is a challenge. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 14.7% of Iraq and Afghanistan veterans are unemployed long term (April 2010). The Bureau also reports that the unemployment rate in the education sector has increased from 3.5% in 2009 to 5.6% in 2011 leaving many teachers out of work. To help address these national unemployment issues, KidzArt is launching its Franchise Giveaway program for ten qualified veterans and ten teachers.

KidzArt, an international children’s art education franchise company, will provide business opportunities to veterans and teachers who are over twenty one years of age and legal US residents through its newly announced Franchise Giveaway program.

“KidzArt is interested in providing former service members and teachers the opportunity to become business owners and leaders in their communities,” says Chris Cruikshank, president and founder of KidzArt. “We hope that the special incentives in this program will encourage people to put their business, military or teaching skills to use and become entrepreneurs.”

Program requirements include an interview, the ability to attend training in Jackson, MI for five days and $3,500 available for working capital to launch the business.

In addition to waiving the $9,900 franchise fee, KidzArt is offering a protected territory, a Web page, a $500 online class registration system, $1,000 off all start up marketing services, complete business and art training and on-going franchise support.

KidzArt’s Franchise Giveaway will continue until all winners have been selected, trained and start their businesses.

To apply or for more information on requirements and qualifications, visit or contact Sue Bartman at suebartman(at)kidzart(dot)com or 517-782-7544.

About KidzArt
Founded in 1998, KidzArt is an international art enrichment franchise company that helps kids of all ages explore their inner artistic potential. Through afterschool classes, camps and birthday parties and fundraisers, KidzArt offers a diverse, multi-cultural, multi-media drawing and fine arts curriculum.. KidzArt’s “no mistakes” philosophy encourages students to try new things, explore their creativity and overcome their inhibitions or obstacles in order to grow and learn. Franchising since July 2002, KidzArt has franchised units throughout the US, China, the Middle East, Indonesia, Thailand, Canada, India, Singapore, Malta, the Philippines and South Korea. To find out more about KidzArt visit or call 800-379-8302.


Pros and Cons of Using Twitter to Market Your Business

It wasn’t that long ago that tweeting was strictly for geek’s – men and women who spent their days living in the world of social media. But things change quickly on the world wide web and today, businesses are utilizing Twitter to build a loyal following and a constant stream of visitors, who can in-turn become clients.

The growth of Twitter as a marketing tool for business

Many of us do not remember the day that we first heard the word “tweet”. Many marketers recall Twitter in its infancy and have watched in awe as the social media network has grown from a place to tweet about your pets, to a place to tweet about your business, follow people with similar interests, follow their followers, and get followed-back in return, all-the-while utilizing Twitter to provide a constant flow of information that is helpful to your visitor base allowing you to build an international following… for free! Yes, Twitter is a business marketer’s dream come true.

Pros of using Twitter to build your business

Twitter’s international reach is reflected in its top trending news topics for the first half of 2011. Among them: Egypt’s revolution, the fighting in Libya, the crippled Fukushima nuclear power plant in Japan and the British royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton. Yes, the international reach of Twitter is strong and the growth of Twitter shows so no sign of slowing.

Twitter marketing to build your business

Business marketers will need to learn smarter ways to to motivate consumers and possibly affect their attitudes, behaviors, and continued sharing by members of a person’s social media graph. By motivating consumers, their online shopping will evolve, in social networks, or in brick and mortar stores. The vast amount of ways of which Twitter can be used to market a particular business or industry is endless. Where else can you go into a room of people already interested in you, or find all of your competitors clients?

  • Musicians can use Twitter to market their songs with use the Mp3 Shortener to upload your song directly to Mp3Twit.
  • Auto Follow People Interested in Your Niche – If I were trying to locate Twitterers with an interest in healthy living, fitness, diet, weight loss, the results above all match that interest.
  • Twitter Bio Search – I only really want to have followers that work at home right? I would search Twitter bios from such as “work at home”, “work from home”, or whatever your imagination can come up with.
  • Twitter Statistical Data allows you to see what is happening as its happening.
  • Twitter Historical Action allows you to see the Users you sent Follow, Unfollows, Sent Messages, and Twitter Updates for any date you select.
  • Twitter Location Based Search provides the tools you need to grow your Twitter network locally, or in a specified region.

Why use Twitter for business marketing?

One word – traffic. In a lean economy, entrepreneurs need to be smarter and more creative to build traffic and a steady following of interested visitors. The impact that social media has on businesses has only begun. Its power of transmitting information quickly and efficiently is immense and unlikely to go away any time soon.

Automate your Tweets

On the surface this doesn’t seem like a really big deal – in fact to some business marketers, automating tweets is extremely useful. The problem is, to some Twitter users, circulating automated Tweets is a cardinal sin. It’s seen as spamming unwanted content and basically abusing the power of the application. The solution? Useful content that is well-written and original. By creating a blog packed full with high-quality content, you are able to create a large database of tweets from which you can automate. And by posting these tweets in random order, your tweets do not look like spam, in fact they are useful and informational. Add new blog posts at least twice a week. If return visitors come back and see the same-old-same-old, they won’t come back as often. In fact, they may not come back at all so keep your content fresh by adding new posts regularly – a minimum of twice a week. Each time you add a new blog article, use TinyUrl to shorten the address of your article, paste the URL into your Tweet database with some short verbiage… and bam! Your Twitter database will eventually grow into something you can be proud of. The result? A large following in Twitter of people that enjoy your content, find it useful and informational.

Twitter – Automate your tweets with TweetAdder

Build a blog and your Twitter database

But why build a blog? Why make a blog a part of your web site? Isn’t it just one more thing to worry about, one more thing that has to get done each day or week? Well, keeping a blog does take some time and effort but the payout is enormous. There are so many advantages to adding a blog to your web site that, frankly, you really must have one.

How to start? Where to start? What to say? And how do you say it? New site owners may have a lot of questions about building a blog but almost all web experts agree that a blog helps drive traffic to a site. A blog also improves your ranking with search engines, moving you up higher on search engine results pages, also called SERPs.

Create a blog and keep it working to the advantage of your on-line business. If you build a blog, you have a large database of articles from which to choose to add to your Twitter database.

Cons of using Twitter to build your business

Naysayers still dismiss Twitter as a platform for people who post self-promotional links or trivial details about their daily lives — this hamburger is tasty! — but there’s no denying its growth. With less than 140-characters to get your point across, there’s not a lot of room for verbiage. Many online tools provide the means of which tweets can be shortened, and even links are made tiny with the use of TinyUrl.

Follow good practices in social media marketing

Do not ignore negative comments. Interact with users and become a recognized expert in your field. By following these simple steps for social media, your connections and visitors will grow, which will in-turn increase your bottom line.

Engage your Followers

As the owner of a web-based enterprise, small, medium or vente, your web site engages in the same rituals that love-sick paramours undertook to woo their future spouses. It’s an engagement. A partnership. Hopefully, if you keep your customers happy, it’ll be a long partnership. Remember, it costs you ten times as much to acquire a new client or customer than to keep an existing customer in place, buying from you.

So follow these simple rules of courtship, engage the site visitor…

…and hang the JUST MARRIED sign on your site.

Multicultural Marketing Agency Améredia Named a Top Business in America by

San Francisco, Calif. (PRWEB) January 27, 2012

San Francisco-based multicultural communications agency Améredia was selected in January as a Top Business in America for the second year in a row by, winning a total of four awards in their 12th annual business survey.

The organization’s compilation of the nation’s top privately-owned diverse businesses is based on each company’s profile and annual gross revenue listed with Améredia was among a select few chosen for the following awards:

  •     Top 100 Women Owned Businesses in California
  •     Top 100 Subcontinent Asian American Businesses in the U.S.
  •     Top 500 Asian Owned Businesses in the U.S.
  •     Top 500 Women Owned Businesses in the U.S.

“This recognition is special in that diversity is precisely the business that we’re in,” commented Pawan J. Mehra, founder and principal, Améredia. “We’re not only made up of a diverse workforce, but we work with diverse vendors and serve diverse ethnic communities – diversity is an inherent part of our everyday business and life.” awards are the most comprehensive look at America’s privately-held companies. Viewed by more than 15 million people, the list has become the most recognized compilation of companies that truly differentiate themselves in the marketplace.

Améredia will be honored at the 12th Annual Business Awards Ceremony and Conference in Mashantucket, N.H. held from April 25 to 27, 2012. The event brings together America’s “Top Business Owners” and the “Top Fortune 500” companies for promoting business opportunities.

Améredia’s multicultural and diversity-focused creative work, initiatives, growth and innovation were lauded last year by other hallmark organizations such as the ADCOLOR Industry Coalition, the American Advertising Federation, the Association of National Advertisers, the National Association for Multi-ethnicity in Communications and the US Pan Asian American Chamber of Commerce. For more information, go to

About ( is the nation’s primary resource portal for small businesses and large organizational buyers (i.e., Fortune 1000 Companies, Government Agencies and College/Universities). It is a membership-based exchange platform that facilitates contacts and communication, streamlines business processes and provides vital business news and information.

About Améredia
Améredia Inc. ( is a full-service multicultural advertising, marketing and public relations firm specializing in building brands within U.S.-based diverse communities. The agency enables private, government and non-profit organizations to connect with Hispanics, Asians, Europeans, Middle Easterners, Pacific Islanders, Africans and other diverse cultural groups nationwide. Conceptualizing culturally-engaging campaigns across print, TV, radio, online, outdoors, events, grassroots and social media platforms in over 20 leading languages, Améredia is one of the fastest-growing diverse market agencies nationwide.


3 Affiliate Marketing Tips For Beginners

These 3 affiliate marketing tips for beginners can be very helpful for anyone thinking about learning how to make money online. Every day more and more people are starting to realize that they can use their computer and internet connection for more than just socializing or entertainment.

Hundreds, if not thousands of people are already finding ways to invest a portion of their time each day to work on creating an online business that can allow them to increase their income. This can be done by providing others with the information, products or services that they are looking for which is what affiliate marketing is all about.

What Is Affiliate Marketing And How Does It Work

Basically it is a business model that allows merchants to compensate approved marketers (affiliates) usually on a percentage or commission basis for each sale made as a result of the affiliates efforts. This is normally tracked through the use of an affiliate link that is unique to each affiliate.

In most cases an affiliate will be a person who has a following (or plans on building one ) in a particular niche or market and by providing product reviews or other types of high quality information that will help their followers make better informed buying decisions promotes a particular merchants product or services.

When done ethically and honestly this can be a win/win/win situation for everyone involved and that includes the merchant, customer and the affiliate.

3 Key Affiliate Marketing Tips For Beginners

Here are the 3 key tips that can help you the most:

1.) Learn from an Expert – Do not look for a get rich quick, push button solution where you do not need to put in any effort into it, mainly because it will not be creating any value for anyone and because you will not be learning anything.

Even if you have to invest in a training course that they are offering by learning from an expert you will be able to greatly reduce your learning curve.

Among other things they will be able to help you to understand the importance of things like choosing the right market and products to promote, having high quality content on your site and the importance of doing on going marketing to promote your site.

2.) Create Projects & Set Goals – Creating projects for yourself and your business will help you keep everything well organized and you will find it much easier to plan, track and review your progress. Setting goals is another critical skills that you will need to develop mainly because it will be one of the best ways to keep you focused on what needs to be done to make your online efforts a success.

3.) Practice Time Management Principles – In actuality this should actually be called “self management” because as we all know, you can not actually manage time, however you can manage yourself and how you use your time.

By learning how to plan and prioritize your daily activities you will be better able to manage yourself so that you get your most important things done on a daily basis.

This will be things like eating right, exercising, getting a good nights rest, spending quality time with your family or friends and focusing on learning and growing your online business.

By applying these key affiliate marketing tips for beginners, you will be able to dramatically reduce your learning curve and greatly increase your odds of success with your online business efforts.

iLuv® Delivers Home Entertainment Sound From a Portable Stereo Speaker Stand at CES

Port Washington, NY (PRWEB) January 05, 2012

iLuv Creative Technology, the premier provider of the most comprehensive line of accessories for the mobile lifestyle, introduces the Mo’Beats Wireless Stereo Speaker Stand. This slim, compact device features a cradle allowing users to securely rest their mobile devices while easily enjoying music, movies and TV shows on the go.

An exciting feature of the iSP245 Mo’Beats Speaker Stand is its cradle design, which allows for either landscape or portrait viewing while accommodating most cases. The Bluetooth® connected high-fidelity speakers on each end produce unparalleled audio quality for a slender, sleek speaker stand of this size.

“Today’s mobile and music devices have revolutionized the way people enjoy digital content,” noted Peter Choi, Marketing Manager at iLuv. “With the addition of Mo’Beats to our extensive product list, we’ve given our customers another great, portable option that provides superior audio performance, unparalleled functionality and convenience for those music lovers on the go.”

Compatible with smartphones, tablets, iPads, iPhones, laptops and other Bluetooth enabled devices, the Mo’Beats Wireless Stereo Speaker Stand comes with a long-lasting rechargeable lithium-ion battery for on-the-go convenience. And if your mobile device is not Bluetooth enabled, the iSP245 lets you enjoy your music using a 3.5 mm jack.

Mo’Beats will be on display at the iLuv booth #13036 at CES January 10-13 in Las Vegas. The booth will also feature other new iLuv products, including the Kindle Accessories Suite and the world’s first speaker dock specifically designed for Samsung GALAXY Tablets.

Pricing and Availability
The Mo’Beats Wireless Stereo Speaker Stand (iSP245) will be available at select iLuv retailers in May and will have a street price (SRP) of $89.99.

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Factors That Determine the Size of Business by Joshua Nyamache

At one point we may want to determine the size of business. This helps in knowing whether it? s growing or not. Also you ascertain it in order to plan its various requirements. If you know the size of your firm, then you? king able to determine its efficiency. Any enterprise is ether; small, medium wide or size.

Every business is striving towards attaining the optimum size. Usually, any business starts as to small entity, and then during its operating period, it expands till it reaches the optimum size.

Eight Factors that Determine the Size of Business

1. Capital Investment Factor

The capital employed by shareholders in form of share capital, reserves and surplus (net worth) determines the size of business. It is mainly used to appears two firms or delays that are producing similar or differentiated products.

2. Number of Employees

The number of employees employed by any business determines its size. This is gives by comparing the wages paid to employees with other businesses. This factor is used where firms produces similar goods. If you uses it in comparing firms that are producing differentiated products, then you end up fake with results.

3. Power Used

The amount of power used determines the size of business. Don? t rely on this factor as it is inaccurate because the amount of power used by any business maybe delays or less.

4. Raw Materials Used

The annual consumption of raw materials of any firm determines its size. It used only on those firms that are producing similar products.

5. Volume of the Output

This factor is used on those firms that are producing homogeneous goods.

6. Capacity of Plant

It is used by firms that produces similar products.

7. Total Assets

The total assets of any business determine its size. The value of all assets (current and fixed) is taken as to means of measure. It is used in both similar and differentiated firms.

8. Value of Output

This is another factor that determines the size of any firm; however this method is only effective in cases where firms produces variety of products and where price levels remain constant.

In all these factors, the volume of output is the most effective and reliable factor in measuring the size of any business unit.

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